Aftercare Information

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Below you will find the best recommendations along with things to expect when having our advanced skin treatments.




Hair Reduction Post-Treatment Care

Post-treatment care is a very vital step of your hair reduction treatments. In order to ensure a safe treatment and to achieve optimum results, please follow all of the advice provided and reach out if you have any questions. Your failure to follow the advice below may increase the risk of undesirable effects.


  • A sunscreen with SPF 30 or greater should be applied 
  • Avoid sun exposure to treated areas

For the first 24 hours post treatment (or until redness and swelling subsides):

  • Application of chilled aloe vera gel or post laser gel up to 3x a day
  • A cold compress every hour for 5 to 10 minutes may be soothing to the skin. Do not apply ice directly to the skin
  • Avoid exercise, and activities that increase perspiration and body temperature 
  • Avoid the use of pools, saunas and spas
  • Avoid extremely hot baths and showers
  • Avoid application of deodorant in the treatment area 

Up to 5 days post treatment:

  • Avoid use of scented lotions or soaps 
  • Avoid the use of cosmeceutical AHA’s, BHA’s, Vitamin A and Vitamin C

Up to 1 week post treatment:

  • Avoid the use of prescription strength exfoliant creams (prescriptive Vitamin A)
  • Avoid anti-wrinkle injections and filler injections in the treatment area
  • After 1 week, start gently exfoliating the treated area. This may include use of a loofah, mitts, AHA and BHA based lotions or retinol. Use of these products sooner will aggravate the skin and cause inflammation to the skin during the healing phase

Contact your treatment provider if you notice any blisters, crusts or open areas. Allow these to heal spontaneously. If healing is delayed, a thin coating of antibiotic ointment may be advised. Do not pick at these areas. Picking may result in infection or scarring

Your treatment provider will advise you when you should schedule your next appointment, as different areas of the body require different treatment intervals. It is important to adhere to this regime for best results

Maintenance treatments will be required and will be ongoing



During the treatment:

Mild to moderate heat and discomfort is expected. Some people equate the sensation to a rubber band flicking on the area. These sensations should always be tolerable 

Immediately after and up to 5 days post treatment:

A mild sunburn-like sensation 

Swelling of the hair follicles (peri-follicular oedema) can occur and appear as small, raised and red bumps. This is a normal histamine reaction

Itchy or dry skin

1-3 weeks post treatment:

Appearance of “stubble”, this is not hair re-growth, it is the remnant of treated hairs being expelled from the follicle. Allow this hair to fall out on its own or encourage it with gentle exfoliation. Do not pluck or tweeze however, you may shave during this period 

Abnormal responses include, extreme heat, redness or swelling and blisters or extreme sensitivity. If you experience any of these responses, please contact your treatment provider immediately


Throughout your treatment course, it is important to advise your treatment provider of any of the following as these will influence treatment efficacy and safety:

  • Sun exposure or fake tan application on the treatment area within the past 4 weeks
  • Any new health conditions, or if you have been unwell 
  • Commencing any new medication (including short-term doses)
  • Changes to current medications or supplements
  • If you are trying to become, or become pregnant

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