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Dermal Restore

Dermal Restore

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A stressed skin booster that revives and replenishes disrupted skin for a resilient and healthy complexion, formulated for reactive or sensitive skin.

This ingestible probiotic serum utilises key ingredients of Fermented Papaya, Curcumin and Gotu Kola Blend, Vitamin C and Zinc to synergistically optimise digestive, immune, and nervous system function to repair the skin from within.

One daily serve of this vegan formulation helps to:

+ Support and repair itchy or cracked skin
+ Soothe red and inflamed skin
+ Revive and replenish disrupted skin
+ Promote resilient skin barrier
+ Optimise gut microbiome
+ Support digestive health, immune and nervous system functions

Best For

Formulated for those with stressed, reactive or sensitive skin on their face or body, to soothe, replenish and hydrate from within.

Can provide skin nourishment for those with conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, rosacea and dermatitis.

Suitable from ages 5+

How to use

Dispense 2 full droppers directly into the mouth, or into a glass of water, once daily.


+ Proprietary fermented papaya and OptyBiotics™ support digestive wellbeing and gut-skin axis
+ Gotu kola and curcumin are traditionally used to replenish skin and nervous system
+ Zinc and Vitamin C support wound healing, skin barrier and immune system health

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